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Something had to change …

Prologue: Evidence Of Things To Come

Our Society waxed clever. Team USA began constructing tools to assist us in getting our jobs done. We relocated to the city and started manning buttons for a living and progressed a set of values where pushing the wrong button would actually produce a great deal of stress and anxiety. We began discovering that people were dying from blocked arteries.

By the Korean Hostile Engagement, half the combatants with the average age being 19 years old that were casualties throughout that Conflict, revealed substantial clogging of coronary arteries. In 1956, the Eisenhower Administration had a big conference in Washington, Dc. The military is seeing that something disconcerting is beginning to occur. It’s ending up being more and more difficult to find young American males who are able to pass the induction physical for the military. They had to figure out Who is to blame. What’s the central issue?

They check out our schools. Pockets of researchers had actually done Fitness tests centered around the capability of our children at the high school and middle school level, to do what they call useful motions. Simply day-to-day tasks you might need to do on your work or in your lives. Like can you flex over, can you touch your toes. You know that at 16 years old, you ought to be able to put your toes in your mouth. :)

We assumed that was the dumbest most idiotic thing. Checking kids for physical fitness? We thought the children were in shape just because they’re young. 57.8% of our youngsters missed the mark on that test. We were like, that can’t be right. If that is true ,it follows that we have some of the most out of shape youngsters worldwide. We thought, folks, that’s simply not possible. So they decide to take the examination and administer it to kids in Europe. Only seven percent missed the mark. Yikes!

Fast Forward To The 21st Century

In 2006 a great pal of mine weighed over 289 pounds. She had triglycerides of 500 and she had just been found to have type two diabetes. Type two diabetes is when your body does not make use of insulin effectively. Hearing this, she pictured it as this sugar mass moving through her circulatory system to the soundtrack from the opening of the movie Rollerball (the James Caan launch).

Like 29 million similar Americans, she was sent home with a diet plan a prescription and a little brochure regarding her condition. As she dug into it further, she learned an alarming little secret. If you’re found to be stricken with type two diabetes, you are subject to the same health and wellness risk as someone who’s had one cardiovascular disease event.

Secondly, the object of the endeavor, unlike myriad alternative ailments or anything else is to manage your diabetes, not cure you. So, your physicians work really hard to try to prevent difficulties, that might wreck the quality of your life or result in no more you.

She knew that this was not going to benefit her. She was a pedal-to-the-metal type, a multi-national exec. Just handling her illness was never an option. So she employed the aid of some like minded wellness specialists that she understood would be considerably more cutting edge. These are the lessons they discovered on a journey that actually took them numerous years to finish.

She learned that although she was 289 pounds and had type 2 diabetes, her body was absolutely the ideal version of itself per the way she was feeding it, the manner in which she was moving it and the method she was resting it. Epiphany, if she wanted a more healthy body or if she desired a different level of wellness then she had to alter the formula somehow.

My future self? Yeah! :)

The Campaign At The Command And Tactical Levels

She arrived at the realization that, if she pictured her future diabetes free self and started Living that life now, she could matriculate into the healthy person that she sought to be. She mused upon things like the type of foods she would eat, and how many calories she should take in to keep a healthy weight for her lifetime. That turned out to be the way she would attain her ultimate objective. Next, she needed to generate tactical approaches that she would be able to commit to for two days, two weeks, two months, 2 years.

She discovered that when you do this and you live in this manner, a fascinating phenomenon takes place, like magic, you get up 2 years later and you’re nearly at your goal. She discovered that she had to keep track of it all. So she utilized Apple IPhone apps like Lose It and she used her fit band to track just how much sleep she was obtaining as well as just how much exercise she was getting along the way. This actually assisted her to keep the game, mostly, rational rather than the emotional way it can devolve into.

This was a big war. she needed to break this into the tiniest of battles, that she would be able to win daily. Yet, due to the fact that she had a short attention span, she needed to take the fight to the cellular strata. She focused on what could make her cells better and healthier every day. On every occasion where she consumed or drank something, she was able to tell immediately if she was heading in the right direction. She became her own science experiment and she discovered a great deal. For instance, when she didn’t sleep or she jumped time areas or took a red-eye, her blood glucose was 20 points higher the next day and she longed for carbs. Well, she really did not require something to satisfy her hunger. What she required was a nap.

Portions were always her biggest downfall.

She originated from the land of all-you-can-eat shrimp and unlimited plates of pasta. When someone showed her what a real single portion of something was it was a massive revelation for her. So she needed to identify just how to adjust her portions accordingly. She started eating with smaller plates, eating her meals with chopsticks to eat more slowly and she promised herself that she would be able to have anything she wanted as long as she consumed it with the knife and fork. She said that it feels ridiculous to consume a Snickers bar like that. Yet, it aided her in being more mindful of what she was consuming.

She discovered how to be in continuous motion throughout the day, everyday, searching for ways to move and to fidget due to the fact that fidgeting can burn 200 to 300 calories a day. she counted actions. she got a standing desk and she found out that her one hour of walking daily was as good for her head as it was for her body. As well as finally realizing that life’s too short to live without ice cream. When she was initially diagnosed, she made a list of all her favored foods and also she went and also did an individual glycemic index with her sugar stat of each one. Then she went back per food and she tweaked it, adding a little fat, removing a little sugar up until whatever suit her strategy. She prepared for an ideal scoop of premium cold creamy stuff (ice creme) everyday.

she became her own science experiment …

What she learned is that given half a shot, your body can recover. It’s an amazing adaptive, self-healing bio construct. She shed over 110 lbs. She currently has a perfect lipid profile. She has had a regular, healthy, blood glucose reading without medication for more than 5 years. She is no longer a type 2 diabetic.

My good friend realized that if you have a health problem that you need to manage, or a life issue you need to address then, she urges you to imagine your fit future self and begin living that life. Her recommendations are to distill your journey down to manageable hurdles you can clear, become your very own medical experiment, and think of strategies that will last for two days, two months, two years. Most of all, you must begin consuming your meals like your life depends on it, because it does.

she did it …


Congratulations to my buddy who is the wife of a life-long friend of mine (see the happy couple above). You go girl!



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